Tony Puckett

Tony Puckett began in student ministry in 1985, and has served in various pastoral roles for over 33 years. He became senior pastor of Outreach Fellowship in 1996 and then merged his church with Longview Christian Fellowship in January 2000.

In 2002, he pioneered the United States arm of The Pais Movement. He simultaneously served as student and executive pastor for Longview Christian Fellowship for 10 years.

Tony has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, has multiple training certifications in both ministry and business, and is a board certified belief therapist through the Therapon Institute and Certified Life Coach through True Course LLC.

While anticipating the next exciting chapter in his relationship with God, Tony, his wife, Dorothy, daughter Abby, son John and best four-legged friend Gus are living happily ever after in Longview Texas.