Jenny Williams

Extreme Picky Eating

Jenny Williams is the founder and owner of Little Light Pediatric Therapy and an East Texas native. Before moving back to Longview, Jenny grew in knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist. S

he transformed from a new grad to a lead therapist and worked with multiple larger organizations like Children’s Health and Our Children’s House at Baylor over the last 10 years.

From 2017-2019, she served as the President of Hope Mommies Dallas Chapter, a non-profit organization that ministers to moms and families going through pregnancy/infant loss. During that time, she realized God was calling her to use her leadership and business skills to open a therapy clinic to serve families in the Longview area.

Through the years, she has gained specialized training in Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Oculomotor Dysfunction, and extreme picky eating.

In 2019, she began the process of earning her Certification in Sensory Processing Disorder at the STAR Institute for SPD; the premier treatment, research and education center for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder, located in Denver, Colorado.

When she’s not having a blast with her clients, you’ll find Jenny playing with her own kiddo, cooking up a fancy meal with her husband, or tinkering with gardening or photography.