Craig Miller

Craig A. Miller has mastered the process of turning life experiences into opportunities for personal growth. Craig endured years of abuse as a young child. As an adolescent, he was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression and Anxiety. After multiple suicide attempts, Craig became dedicated to finding value in life’s darkest moments. He focused on gaining control of his perspective, in all aspects of life, to ensure he would never attempt suicide again.

Craig’s ability to recognize how his life experiences played a role in developing him has led to him sharing his learnings and helping others worldwide.
Craig’s unique communication skills go far beyond simply offering inspiration to others. His goals are to ignite a desire, to initiate healing, and to provide insights that empower his audience to take action. Through his books and his talks, Craig takes every opportunity to enlighten and encourage his audience to be mindful of how our own thoughts, and our perception, impact our journey and our ability to heal.