Anne Redelfs, MD

What’s Wrong With That Kid?

Anne was reared in a small mill town outside of Pittsburg Pennsylvania. She received her medical degree from Tulane Medical School, going on to do a 2 year residence in pediatrics and three years in psychiatry. The aftermath of the Katrina Disaster compelled her to write her first book. The Awakening Storm, in which she discusses the effects of trauma on human beings and the process of recovery. In Illness Can Be the Cure, she shares how our souls communicate through each symptom and disease process. With Every Addiction, “Infants” Are Trying to Meet Their Needs is a workbook for developmental path for overcoming addiction. What the World Needs Now!: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Our Children is a workbook for overcoming the more subtle forms of trauma that pervade our world. Anne currently practices what she calls ‘soul gardening” a developmental and holistic form of healing. Her public speaking encourages human psychological development while addressing the trauma that so often interferes.